Below are the details of past and future events, meetings and significant discussions on the topic of microscope quality control

Past meetings

2019 UK Facility managers Meeting (Liverpool)

3-4 Jan 2019: Microscope QC discussion session with commercial and academic participation.

Results of UK light microscopy facility managers QC survey outlined. Basis for focused microscope QC working group introduced. [presentation including survey]

MMC 2019

2 July 2019: Inaugural meeting of the RMS QC FIG

QC discussions and proposal for minimum QC metrics to capture [meeting summary]. Results (to date) of ELMI microscope QC poll outlined and discussed. [Presentation]

ELMI 2019 Core Facility Day

Discussion of QC procedures in light microscopy facilities. Presentation of pre-meeting core facility survey (still open) [CF-Survey]. Microscope QC and maintenance presentation (Laurent Gelman & Roland Nitschke) [link] Open letter to microscope vendors on the topic of monitoring system performance [link].

Future meetings